Charity spotlight: the American Brain Tumor Association

The American Brain Tumor Association was founded in 1973 and still remains the only national advocacy organization that funds and supports brain tumor research. It also works with current patients and their caregivers to provide information and vital resources, always with a goal of recovery if it is at all possible. We want to help the ABTA because brain cancer is exceptionally aggressive and does not discriminate based on age, race, gender, lifestyle, creed, or nationality. Many of the performers on this program have experienced the loss of a loved one or someone they are very close to because of brain cancer. To this day, there remains no cure, leaving patients, no matter how pessimistic the prognosis, feeling powerless and without hope. We suspect that our audience has also been affected by this frightening disease. If we can draw attention and resources towards people who are affected, we can try to make sense of one aspect of life that seems rather senseless. Something that unifies this country is that we can be welcoming and supportive of the entire world. In the field of medicine, American research is unparalleled. In Ricky Ian Gordon’s song “A horse with wings,” he says “I wanna make a little mark before I go.” Through “Our America,” we hope to contribute to positive change by giving back through this and other worthy charities. Visit to learn more.

Will Berman, Lauren Frey, and Liz Lang will be singing for the American Brain Tumor Association on April 23 in honor of several friends and family members who have been affected by this horrible disease. To support these artists in their cause, click here.

To buy tickets to join us on April 23 at 2 pm, click here.