The 5 W’s of Patchwork Project

What the heck is it that we are doing?! Kendra breaks it down into the 5 W’s for you.

WHO: Me (Kendra) and my good friend, Will and a whole host of other awesome artists and people. (Check back on Friday for our “Friday Features” to get to know each of the guest artists that will join us on our inaugural tour!)

WHAT: Short term- a recital tour across the Midwest and Northeast with stops in Illinois, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and more. Long term- a platform for collaboration and creative concert presentation for up-and-coming artists.

WHERE: Your local church, your local bar, your grandmother’s house, a neighborhood park, a concert hall– anywhere where creative minds can meet to entertain and inspire local audiences with innovative, fun programs.

WHEN: Various dates in July and August, 2016

WHY: There are a lot of reasons that inspired us to get this project off of the ground. We don’t think there are enough recitals, we don’t think there are enough opportunities for collaboration among singers and between singers and instrumentalists, and we don’t think that there is enough creativity and flexibility in how concert programs are presented. We’re aiming to create a core program that will resonate with a greater, more diverse population than, say, the traditional art song concert. We chose to focus our project on the works of American composers because we think there is a lot of unexplored and under-performed repertoire in this genre  that we want to share with audiences across the country.

Like us on Facebook, follow this blog or email us ( for more information or to learn how you can get involved with our project!


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